TDS Calculator 2023-24 FY, Calculate Advance Tax on Salary for 2023-24 FY Online

TDS Calculator 2023-24 FY Calculate TDS on Salary for 2023-24 FY Online

Basing on the Financial Bill 2023 the Income Tax TDS / Advance Tax Calculator 2023-24 FY is Prepared: Let us See How to use this software:
  • Select Your State AP/TS. Basing on Your state, the HRA and Basic Pays will be displayed
  • 1. Select Your Basic Pay of this Month
  • 2. HRA : Select HRA as per your category
  • 3. If Home Loan applicable, then Enter Housing Loan Amount otherwise Leave 0
  • 4. If any allowances in Income, then enter other wise leave 0
  • This calculator calculates the New Income Tax 2023_24 in One Click and gives your tax liability and compares Old Tax Regime 2023-34 and New Tax Regime 2023-24 for your Income
Select State
Select HRA Percentage
Basic Pay as on 1st April 2023
Select HRA Percentage
Basic Pay as on April 2023
Select Pension Type
Home Loan Interest if Any Min = 0 Max = 200000
Any Other Allowances (Other than DA, HRA) Enter per Month
Is PH (Disabled)
House Type/Rent (for HRA Deduction Calculation)
If Living in Own House Enter '0'
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